Sergiy Burtovyy


Art Projects:

Fine and ancient art, photography or literature helps me to express myself through different projects, but all, what I’m looking for
– simplicity, beauty, naturalness and my personal vision, based on consistency.

Fine Art


Color, shape, line, composition and variety of materials helps me to express connections between visible and invisible worlds, build my bridges between past and feature or infinity….

Ancient Art


This project brought me opportunities to share my thoughts, express my ideas and show art works to other people. By discovering reach background of other cultures – I realized – it’s no limit to grow up, explore and discover the beauty of human being and inspiration.



Photography tells me the story not about some moments – this is constant movement and I was happy to be a witness of this observation.



Referring to the aphorisms I have always tried to pass the in summary form deep thoughts while before me stood two images – one – verbose noisy outside world, which is gradually losing the beauty of words and the other way – “the beginning was the word and the word was God …

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I n my opinion true art should reflect beauty and harmony of our world through gifted talents. No matter what we do, matter how we doing and what spirit we willing to reflect on our creative process.

“Genius turns up where man exceeds his human nature,
And in God’s nature finds himself.”