The interlocutor’s talent lies in the art of silence.

The deeper the silence, the clearer the voices of contradiction.

The stolen differs from the given: while the former burns, the latter warms.

Wealth can be reward, ruin, or salvation.

To hear is to learn to keep and feel the silence.
To speak is to learn to think and listen to others.

The more we aspire, the more likely we are to reach the target.

Eyes are not given to be blind,
Nor ears to be deaf.
But the tongue is to be kept behind one’s teeth.

To know the will,
Is to know and overcome the fear and nature of your slavery.

If something is stolen from you, it is only worth considering for two reasons:
That you are not so poor, and that you have something in excess.

The ability to forgive debts is proportional to one’s wealth.
… The more a man speaks, the less he is able to say.

Better to lose what you have in excess than find something beyond your strength.

Silence reveals, while quiet hears everything.

Not to be angry does not mean to be kind.

One’s will is not found through independence,
But only through natural purity,

Tradition is a spirit,
Habit is a reflex.

What is found is saved,
And what is saved can always be found.

The higher you rise in the light,
The brighter your soul becomes,
And more distinct the voices of kindness and evil.

Lying is an attempt to compensate for the absence of sincerity.

The sun shines in daytime to let us know which way to go at night.

Hunger teaches,
Satiety stupefies.

The sweetest voice of truth is silence.

The one who listens to the quiet hears himself. The one who hears himself will learn to recognize the voice of truth.

Isolation devastates, solitude heals.

Lying has one distinctive feature – it prevents us from living peacefully.

The more man sees and knows,
The less he admires himself,
And continues on the way to enlightenment.

Nothing leads a man further toward the truth,
As a perfect example and personal life experience.

They speak too much who do not hear themselves.

The most difficult things in our life are the easiest to solve.
We must simply overcome our fears and rid ourselves of laziness.

Wisdom turns wealth into glory,
While greed, from glory, aims to get wealth.

Physical laws are signs that we live not only in the physical environment.

Know that by sadness you pay for superfluous joy.

A man becomes strong only when he is revealed to be weak
Against the background of God’s omnipotence.

Only when laughter is deprived of malice
Does it bring joy and consolation.

Wonder is proof of our blindness.

Whenever you want quiet,
Forget about it and devote yourself to your calling.
The quiet will come to you gradually.

The funniest things in life come from being excessively earnest.

To become yourself, stop playing somebody else’s role.

The way discovers in us what routine hides.
The road reveals in us what is hidden in day-to-day life.

Money makes us free
Until we start to serve it.

Things become terrible when we lose our sense of humour.

Laughter saves us from bitter tears,
As tears save us from malicious laughter.

Nothing is as true as pain.

The mysterious attracts,
The unknown repels.

Degradation arises due to carelessness rooted in satisfaction.

The quieter you speak, the better you are heard.
For the quiet word never plugs the ears.

The heart will see clearly if mind does not cross its way:
For the heart is to lead and the mind is to contain the way.

Emptiness and vanity move against a background of quietness,
And belligerence – against the background of the world.

We pay for our illusions
That steal the most valuable time in our lives.

Sometimes the power of thought becomes tenable implement
If it is wielded by an impure soul.

Our capabilities are in our knowledge
For in knowledge we discover our capabilities.

Stars fall from the sky to make the earth lighter.

As your eyes are, so you will see.