Idols are imitated, ideals inherited.

The culture of our ancestors reveals their great love of life.

The beauty of nature is perfection,
And the beauty of perfection is naturalness.

In wisdom is the apprehension of the truth
And in art, its recreation.

Do not taste the fruit until you are sure it is ripe,
For hunger spoils your taste.

In dread of God, we recover our sight,
In dread of people, we are blinded.

The apprehension of truth comes not to the one who desires it
But to the one who is capable of containing it.

Man is as God created him.
He lives according to his depth of understanding of the Creator.

Knowledge confirms the truth
And the truth is only cognized by the spirit.

Flesh and soul are image,
Spirit is imitation.

Clarity of thought depends on the depth of faith.

Laws remind slaves of their duties,
But those who are free also find in it their rights and freedom.

We are able to love as we are able to enjoy.

If the soul sleeps, the heart cries.

Fasting reveals, prayer fills.

Our life is a school.
Temptations and bliss are lessons.
Death is an exam.

Lack of mind limits our life,
and lack of spirit makes it primitive.

Our sense of space is proportional to the depth of our mind.

Our knowledge is reflected in our actions,
And reflected in our actions is our will wreathed in conscience.

In expectation of a holiday, know that it will come only after ordinary days.

Run away from yourself to love people.
Run away from people to love God.