When we stop measuring life by time,
We will know the mystery of timelessness,
Immortality, and the beauty of existence.

Time is the ladder between the visible and invisible worlds,
With steps both visible and invisible, accessible and inaccessible,
Comprehensible and incomprehensible,
Steps for both ascending and descending.

Time is the golden cup in which the water of life is kept.
It dies, drop by drop, if we spill it with careless hands.

Our life is like a watch with two hands – earthly and heavenly.
We live our life on the edges of these hands.

Life, grounded in ideals, is beautiful.
Tragedy and failure come when
These ideals are being injured.

Self-admiration cuts a man in two and robs him of all naturalness.
Love makes him whole, since there is nothing more natural than love.

Heavenly love settles in the heart
Where it warms, reconciles, and raises us up.
Earthly love lives on the tip of the tongue:
First it tempts with sweet songs,
And then it poisons with cold indifference.

The fatherland begins with motherhood,
The mother begins with the family,
And the family begins with the father.

In two there’s opposition.
In three – wholeness.

To find is not as important as to save.

Mind knows,
Soul contains,
Spirit fills.

Beginning with the female, there is continuation;
With the male, confirmation.

Genius turns up where man exceeds his human nature,
And in God’s nature finds himself.

In search of harmony, we are compelled
By an imperfection and emptiness that demands filling.
Upon finding harmony, freedom is found.

Love can save a man from the madness of the whole world.

We can only fight against fraudulence with natural innocence.

The more bitter the tears, the sweeter the consolation.

Women’s mysteries emerge as men try to solve them.

Sometimes it seems that we have avenged our lives,
But in reality, it’s on our very selves that we have taken vengeance.

The surrounding world is a cup filled with the living water of life:
The taste depends on the lips tasting it.

First become what you can,
Then what you want.

Truth comes from the earth.
Harmony from the heavens;
When these two essences come together,
earthly beauty is sanctified by heavenly love.

The rich man is not the one who possesses most
but the one who values most what he possesses.

He loved himself so much that he never even came out of himself.

The best job is like a cup:
The more you drink from it, the more you want its water.
The worst job is like the sea:
The farther you swim, the faster you want to reach land.

Love unites a family for its enrichment,
Sinful desires confuse for its devastation.
Sinful love befuddles, devastation is its aim.