my ABC_book-Sergiy Burtovyy

My ABC Book

Ukrainian ABC including 33characters. You have an amazing opportunity to learn new language and discover Ukrainian culture.
Online course will guide you through each letter and during this trip you will have a chance to read the poetry and listen to children’s choir “Kolo”.
Poetry – Sergiy Burtovyy
Composer – Myhailo Chemberzi
Children Choir – “Kolo”

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Space of the Spirit

Book ”Space of the Spirit” appear like result of different life reflections. In my opinion most important point in our life to discover our freedom and harmony was impossible without spiritual guideline.
Aphorisms – Sergiy Burtovyy

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A_GRAIN_AND_COCKLE_book-Sergiy Burtovyy

A Grain and Cockle

Our identity and unique personality can find ourselves, when we working for our talents and keeping spiritual roots and practices in daily life.
Theology – Sergiy Burtovyy

Confession_book-Sergiy Burtovyy


This book presenting early time of my creativity. This period in my life was very important for my identification.
More content you can view in Ukrainian site.
Poetry, Aphorisms – Sergiy Burtovyy