As a boy 10-13 years old, I loved to run to the train station and watch the trains pass by. I sat on a bench and gazed into the windows of the passing cars. Those were people who were going somewhere. Then I dreamed – “the time will come and I can also go around the world, see new continents and create something great and unique.

Over the years, much has changed. I have seen many countries and different cultures, have known and experienced happiness and hardship , but what has not changed is that I still keep on dreaming. And I often wish I could return to that bench in the train station … to get away from the big world.

On written.

Referring to the aphorisms I have always tried to pass the in summary form deep thoughts while before me stood two images – one – verbose noisy outside world, which is gradually losing the beauty of words and the other way – “the beginning was the word and the word was God ….. “. I am deeply convinced that the spoken word can build a free man, harmonious, or deepen her captive to heart-rending anguish.

Probably the very first difference is the spirit that combines visible and not visible worlds, while being a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual beauty of life.

Poetry has always been my way of understanding the lyrical parts of the soul. When you sharing your secrets – in the heart singing birds of paradise. But when I facing emptiness and indifference – then just do not want to touch the pen, and generally escape from the world. But time passes and I come back to it again.

On not writing.

One day a friend of mine said – “the wisest book of the world can hold up to a hundred pages” for sure he had a great sense. If I can write at least a few pages of this book – I’ll leave my life with heart full of peace and light.