Project “CROSS”

This project brought me opportunities to share my thoughts, express my ideas and show art works to other people. By discovering reach background of other cultures – I realized – it’s no limit to grow up, explore and discover beauty of human being and inspiration.

Why? Because it’s part of my life, my interaction with surrounded world. If you can express yourself to the gifted talents – you can find happiness, peace and inspiration to leave your life.

I was always was very interesting in ancient art, especially traditional wooden cross and icon on the gloss. Tradition for iconography and wood curving itself from beginning, was based on prayers, fasting and community that was usual way for spiritual expressions in art.

Traditional Wooden Cross and Icon on Glass.

Art Studio specialized in traditional ancient art. Our work base on deep respect to old tradition, natural materials and technique. Traditional wooden cross present one of most most important symbols and express spirituality culture and presence of Christ in time and space, through different cultures.

Icon on the glass reflecting interesting way to combine folk art in spiritual vision and show unrepeatable reflection of personality.

Sergiy Burtovyy

The beauty of nature is perfection,
And the beauty of perfection is naturalness.


2018 Art Exhibition. Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Montreal, Canada

2014 Art Exhibition. Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Montreal, Canada

2013 Solo Art Exhibition. Kirkland library, Montreal, Canada

2011 Art Contest, Pierrefonds-Roxboro art center, Canada

2010 Art Contest, Pierrefonds-Roxboro art center, Canada

2009 Art Contest, Pierrefonds-Roxboro art center, Canada

2006 Hall des arts, Brossard, Canada

2006 Art festival (6th. edition), Brossard, Canada

2005 Montreal’s art festival (6th. edition), Montreal, Canada

2003 “The Patriarch J.Slipyj Ukrainian Museum”, Montreal, Canada

2002 United Nations Office in Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

2001 “English Club”, Kyiv, Ukraine

2000 Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, USA

2000 Schiller cultural center, Bucharest, Romania

2000 Satu-Mare district culture center, Romania

2000 National Museum of Fine Art, Iasi, Romania

2000 “AR-CUB” Cultural center, Bucharest, Romania

1998 Kyiv Children Art Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine

1996 National Union of Writers, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1995 The participation at the ex-libris international exhibition “One God – many religions”, Toronto, Canada

1995 State Shevchenko Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

1994 Department of culture, Krakow, Poland

1993 World festival of military orchestras, Assen, Holland

1993 State Museum of Literature, Kyiv, Ukraine

1991 National House of the Artist, Kyiv, Ukraine